About us

The PikeArmory brand was born at the intersection of industrial experience and a passion for historical fencing. We bought weapons of famous brands, modified and improved them for our needs. And one day we realized, that having our own park of industrial machinery and extensive experience in the manufacture and processing of metal parts, we can produce the same weapon on our own.

Since then, we have been making the products, using them in hard training, tournaments, and festivals, and sharing this pleasure with our customers.

Here you can order a weapon that is perfect for the proper recreation of historical techniques, as well as for sports and sparring. Our products are reliable, safe, and durable.

On the site, you can not only order standard configuration products but also choose the weapon customization parameters that suit you best.

We are located in Tolyatti (Russia) and are happy to ship the products worldwide.

We are always happy to hear your questions, wishes, and suggestions.